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“Let’s stop being whining b*tches.”

Craig and I agreed to this mantra while sitting across from me in the VTE airport restaurant after what we considered to be a gruelling process of changing our tourist visas into work ones. Let me shorten the experience in a few key points:

  •  last minute flight sprung on us one day before (if anyone knows Craig’s distinct airport etiquette, a last minute flight does not make the list)
  • arriving at Laos/Thailand border with no clear direction as to what was next; the driver who dropped us off there spoke no English
  • after some confusion over lines and fees and forms, we hop on a bus that drives us over the “Friendship Bridge” to Thailand; after about 5 minutes we cross the street to hop on a bus back (that was my shortest trip to Thailand ever)
  • visa line back on the Laos side and our eyes are on the clock-we have about an hour to make our flight back to Luang Prabang
  • the driver takes us to the school he works at since his duty is to drive kids home at that time; I (normally the calm one in time crunch situations) start to edge on panic
  • a nice man (related to the owner of the school) drives us in his own car to the airport; with 30 minutes until flight take off, his sense of calm rubs off on me a bit
  • flight made, we land in LP and go to one of our favorite spots for sticky rice and Lap Pa Keng

Today’s experience was not ideal. While it was “part of the Laos experience”, there were many moments when together and apart we wondered: Is this what we signed up for?

We moaned about this experience and other things: our internet situation falls way short of what we had in Korea, trying to figure out what we want to do for a living and how we want to do it is far harder than showing up at a job with clear expectations, the home we moved into is more out of town than comfortable.

Here’s the thing. When we have efficiency and routine and comfort, we look longingly at something else. That happens to be this.

And here we are acting like a pair of whining b*tches. Well, how far will that get us? How much of the present moment do we lose by questioning so often? How much more do we need in order to stop the whining?

We were not proud of ourselves.

There’s certainly so much we can have gratitude for…so much we can take joy in.
So, we don’t have high speed internet.
We don’t have things coming to us easily.
We don’t have it figured out.

That’s all part of this journey, isn’t it?
That’s exactly what we signed up for back when we came up with this crazy dream.

What’s left to do it this: live it…for reals.

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