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Months ago, I featured a dear friend of mine, Amy Benson, who had appeared on the publication Courageous Creativity. In an article called “Unreasonable Commitment”, she shared intimate feelings about devoting herself to a documentary she and her husband, Scott Squire, have been working on for nearly five years.  The follow up story is this:

Their film, The Girl Who Knew Too Much, is on the brink of completion and with support, has the possibility of being shared in a big way .

There are countless films that merit time, money, and love. But this one, this one reaches into my heart and holds on.

It simply comes down to this…Shanta’s story needs to be told.

For anyone who…

  •      cares about global development
  •      believes mental health should be a priority in global health
  •      loves travel
  •      has an opinion about Half the Sky or Three Cups of Tea
  •      relishes the gray area between easy answers
  •      watches documentaries
  •      is interested in girls’ education
  •      has been touched by suicide
  •      believes in the power of stories to effect positive change

…this story will touch you too.

Take a moment to hear Amy tell you for herself why this movie matters so much.

Any donation to this campaign will help give voice to Shanta’s story and all others like hers buried in silence for so long.

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