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i stand on my mat, heels grounded, toes pointing toward the window facing another 11th floor apartment.

closing my eyes, i feel the day sway within me; it takes a moment to still into this mountain pose. then, mindful of the air that passes in and out of my nostrils, my breath swirls inside my mouth, throat, chest, and what has been automatic all these waking hours, is deeply appreciated.

but, my mind is stubborn. it refuses to let go. and so, i think of you.

while i stand upright, you writhe for a position of comfort. as i close my eyes to dissuade distraction, you shut yours tight to imagine away the pain. as my body prepares for a healing practice, yours squeezes and expands, shifts and tears to bring forth a physical miracle.

in this great divide of time and space, i strain to connect with you.

palms together, coming to heart’s center, fingertips facing heaven, i set my intention.


it is in the breath.

controlled and tranquil, i send it to you; it’s energy and strength traveling the north pacific ocean like a zephyr until meeting yours, timed and vital.

it is in this simple response that life within life enters our world,

when all at once we are separate & together.

{for my sister, Monica, who shared her gift with me}

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