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There once was a great Workplace.

It wasn’t so much the building or location.

It was the people. There was an energy that was contagious. There was a synergy among varying groups that worked. These people held each other to their highest selves both professionally and socially. On a day to day basis, there was motivation, recognition, and smiles, real smiles.

This place was golden.

The thing is, there is a delicate quality to a place like this. It can be thrown off kilter without such factors as, progressive vision, strong leadership, and plain good intention. The lack of one or more of these factors can drag morale on the ground. And, that place becomes just another location where you punch in and punch out.

How can you recapture the greatness of something when it seems so far gone?

Talking about the “good ‘ol days” does little. This only causes nostalgia for those who experienced the best moments and mild jealousy for those who didn’t.

Putting your head down and getting through the day is not much better. Apathy is not neutral. It contributes to a static situation. So, little can improve if one is withdrawn from the commitment.

It simply comes down to good intention.

After experiencing some time removed from the “golden era”, something incredible happened in the Workplace.

It began with the vision of one person. The vision was beautiful and pure. It encompassed something much larger; it was something humane and noble. It called forth action, compassion, and belief in change.

But, the vision could not be fulfilled by the one person alone.

Many were needed. Voices. Spirit. Courage. Presence.

It didn’t take long for people to get behind the vision. The effort of one became two, then twenty, then eighty. This single good intention propelled a series of moments that demonstrated the purest form of community. In an act of generosity, people found their best selves again and brought them forward. When this happened all at once, the air itself was magic.



Just like that…

…the place became golden once again.

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