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I just fell into Bon Iver’s latest album. It’s like a haunting beautiful daydream I can’t snap out of. Curious about the touring dates, I looked at his site and entered a visual interpretation of the music. The home page launches into a video to the song,”Holocene”. A fellow fan muses over the meaning of both video and lyrics:

To me, this is a song about discovering yourself outside of your own means. The video is of a little boy walking across the most magnificent sites of Iceland, skipping stones, and looking ever so small in comparison. I think the chorus, “and at once i knew i was not magnificent” is an explanation of that feeling…

Who can’t relate on some level to the bigness of life surrounding the kid in the video? What is it like to follow something instinctive, a gut feeling, (the boy following the bird in flight) even without knowing the outcome?

There are moments when I am scared of what’s next or unsure of the path taken. But, I am led by something much larger than fear or certainty.

These days I feel lighter. I smile more. I am taking it all in. I let myself run away with my dreams. There’s something about this song and images that inspire me further.

Inspiration is a gorgeous gift.

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