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My days in Canada are dwindling (two sleeps, as they say) and while I’ve done some lovely things: paddle boarding, having lunch at the place hubby and I got married, meeting up with old friends, I’ve also had some days that would be considered “normal”.

Today was one.

*Date:Wednesday, June 20, 2012

*Temperature: high 32


Rubbed my eyes open to a beautiful day at my mother-in-law’s apartment. Planning to work out, I opted for peppermint tea this morning.

The small balcony space has not been well used with the neighboring construction site. The clamoring begins at 7a.m.

In Sydenham, these blooming flowers sat in front of the barn-gym. I managed to steal a few shots before the workout began.

Meet the Iron Maidens. This is a group of ladies 55+ (oldest 81) working their butts off using weights, balance balls, and bands. I was invited to join the 45 minute workout as Irene’s guest. I consider myself to be in alright shape. But, let me tell you…these ladies schooled me on chin-ups and push ups and bench pressing. The joke was for me to keep up with my mother-in-law. After cool down, instructor Marilyn, leads those who want to say in a practice of Qi Gong. It was awesome.

After the workout, we went to Home Sense to look for the final accessories for Irene’s living and bedrooms. I kinda got lost in the mirror section.

In the afternoon, we were invited to the end-of-the-year potluck at my niece’s school. We got a tour of the schoolhouse and a glimpse of what Waldorf education is all about. Outside, there were barefooted boys and sun-dressed girls waiting for the final cutting of an enormous, colorful cake. I’d be gawking at it too if I was five years old.

Everyone goes to bed early around here…except for me and the sun. Winding down with a glass of pinot grigio as Canadians walk their dogs three stories below.

I could get used to this.

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