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hello Augustwait. what? august? as in 2013 is more than half over? we’ve been in Luang Prabang for nearly a year now. how did that happen?

it happened as we lived in a guesthouse for a month and then moved to a house, and then moved again. it happened while we fretted late at night about what we had done, wondering who did we think we were to leave teaching and get on this crazy ride. it sneaked up as we became temporary dog owners to the sweetest rock-eating canine there is, and signed a lease to open Mekong Yoga. it trotted along during trips to New Zealand and India; sprinted as we celebrated seven years of marriage, and charged while a local hotel is being completely redesigned. and now, staring august in the face, i am in awe and inspired.

because…if those were months prior were any indication, august will most certainly be kick ass.

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