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2_17 Andrea jumping off a rock in Krabi Thailand39
is a no nonsense number;
taken seriously when needed.
experience not lacking,
it can walk into a room and converse with strangers about career shifts, investments, parenthood, debt, commitment.

39 can have fun too!
dangling on the brink of four decades,
it leans over an expansive view of risks-
like jumping off a big rock into the ocean at Krabi
like opening a business in a small tourist town
like drinking four dirty martinis in one night.

39 is bold, but humbly learning,
awakened, but constantly questioning,
energetic, but increasingly cautious.

39 has curves,
rounding inwardly to safe-keep truths
con-caving subtly to house deep fears.
attractively mature,
it can evoke arousal
with its confidence,
entice closeness
with its wisdom.

it complains out loud about poor customer service,
experiments with trending fashion,
relishes “old” 80s tunes,
respects the power of sunscreen,
tends to wiry grays.

and, even if it seems all grown up,
39 never,
is too old for a solo dance party-
music cranked up to
wildly deafening.

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