During my time at home (California), I’ve had many conversations about our upcoming plans (moving to Laos in October). Without fail, at least one of the following questions comes up. It seems fitting to share them here.

1. Where is Laos?

Laos or Lao PDR is in South East Asia, Laos is surrounded by Thailand (west), Myanmar (north west), China (north), Vietnam (east), and Cambodia (south).
It is only landlocked country in the ASEAN countries.

The Mekong River flows throughout the entire country that forms a large part of its western boundary with Thailand, north-western boundary with Myanmar and southern boundary with Cambodia. Whereas mountains form most of the eastern border with Vietnam and northern border with China.

2. Is is pronounced Laos or Lao?

It’s a little more interesting and complicated than I thought. If you are curious about the historical and cultural nature of this matter, go here. (As for me, I’ll be calling it Laos until further correction).

3. Why Laos?

Craig and I have been lucky enough to travel quite a bit during our time as international teachers. For the last few years, we’ve been feeling an itch that progressively got too persistent not to scratch. We wanted to try our hand at something other than teaching, yet while maintaining our overseas lifestyle.

So, we have used our travels to scope out locations for places we could a.) see ourselves living in and b.) see possibilities for other careers. Often, we’d arrive somewhere and one of us would feel the pull more than the other. With Laos, it was different. It met some real elements of our checklist.

With less than a week until we take off, this plan is getting more real by the minute. What lies ahead is a surprise…and I LOVE surprises.

{image credit: Laos Guide 999}

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