Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 7.52.44 AM“Find beauty in the sad parts”. ~ Monica 8.22.14

It is all too easy to want to numb, hide, run away from sadness or pain. Who, after all, wants to feel sad? We’ve long attributed such feelings as negative, as though something is wrong and we scramble to find away to be ok again. But, what if we could just be with discomfort? Recently, this message was shared with me:

We hear a lot about healing these days, but less about accommodating woundedness: allowing it to be there without needing to remove it.
This willingness to recognize the presence of suffering and refrain from interfering with it is a powerful theme…
…the heavens point to the need for compassionate patience which allows ourselves and other people to be imperfect, in pain, struggling without needing to intervene to make things ‘right’. They remind us that ‘right’ is whatever is in the moment, not a particular version of life that we prefer.

It is natural to find impatience stirring when it comes to healing. Aching to get better quickly from an illness or surgery. Jumping into work to avoid emotional conflicts. Distracting ourselves socially in order to silence what comes when we’re alone. Yet, these methods fall flat, postponing the true process of healing.

Being wounded does not make us weak, it makes us human. And, part of this experience is to exercise humility, gratitude, and compassionate patience while we strengthen in our own time.

[image: ripening persimmons]

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