I’m an interior designer who was living in San Miguel del Allende, Mexico until recently. Currently, I’m sheltering in San Diego, CA where my family lives.

Like everyone else, my life’s path has had it’s twists and turns.

From living overseas as an international teacher to moving to Laos opening up a yoga studio to re patriating in California for a few years to becoming an expat again. Through marriage and a slow divorce based on friendship, to discovering new elements of myself and finding love again…and now to everything shifting once again.

This blog is a lot of things. It is a traveler’s chronicle, a shared looking glass, a collection of inspiration, and questioning and hope and heart-break. Mostly, it’s a tribute to life’s most constant element…change.

Thank you for reading along.

  1. Holly said:

    Wow. I’m so glad you added me on Twitter ;) Reading your posts here feels like you are pulling the feelings right out of my heart … I have felt a lot of the things you are sharing here. Fear and uncertainty – simultaneously exhilaration, curiosity, excitement. Joy. Just over two years ago, my husband (then bf) and I left everything we knew, everything comfortable in Canada for complete uncertainty in Germany – new culture, new language, new career paths. We lived in Berlin for a year (loved it!), now we are in Frankfurt and we have no idea where we will be next year.

    I notice that when I tell people about this journey, most people don’t get it. Like you mentioned, maybe it is because I am using these noncommittal phrases like “we’ll see…” or “we’re thinking about…” and people feel uncomfortable, or they can’t relate and therefore my uncertainty is mirrored back to me through them. But now I try not to be bothered by these reactions. Why is it wrong to feel uncertain? Isn’t it a normal part of life, no matter what kind of life you choose? I don’t see how fear and uncertainty can be avoided. And why should we think less of ourselves by sharing that? I trust life and more importantly, I trust myself (and my husband) so I know that no matter what I will be ok. I am not a fortune teller and I don’t strive to be, I just set some goals and go with the flow. Surprisingly some people don’t get that.

    But some people do! Nice to meet you ;)

  2. Leen said:

    I just came across your blog and I loooove it. Great one!

  3. Hi Leen…thanks so much! This gives me inspiration to keep writing. Have been in a funk for a while. I appreciate your following :)

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