let it go…and more…


My 2.5 year old niece recently taught me a lesson. It’s not the first time this has happened; little people have taught me before.

The lesson came in the form of song. Not just any song. The trending song of little girls everywhere, Frozen’s “Let It Go”. Naya’s rendition, however, lacks resemblance to the actual song. Why? Because she picked it up at daycare, mimicking all the other little girls who sing the song on repeat, who sing it like their very own anthem.

It took a while to figure out what she was singing. But, one thing is certain; you can’t mistake her belief in what she’s singing. Even Joey, the dog (hiding under blankets in her bed) is audience to her passionate plea.

(please excuse the poor quality)

Everyone I’ve shared the video with has fallen apart laughing. It’s endearing. How many times have we sung our own versions of popular songs only to later find out we were a bit off?

Yet, Naya’s performance offers so much. A glimpse at unadulterated joy in doing something creative. An admonishment to just “put the phone down (already) and dance”. A reminder to LET IT GO….AND MOOOORE.

So what should we let go of?

The frustration when obstacles seem to get in our way. The disappointment when we fail to receive the good news we’ve been hoping for. The fear that prevents us from trying something new.

Naya’s song not only inspires us to relinquish our need to have things be “just so”, it also gives us permission to grab that mic or plastic megaphone and sing our hearts out following our own tune.

  1. Naya is so cute!

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