get on with it

so a while back i shared a bit about some uncertainties around my health. after some weeks of waiting, procedure, recovery, waiting, i have received confirmation that all went well, that my body is healing, that there’s no malignant anything to worry about. in the Dr.’s words: so, yeah…you’re ok. go ahead and get on with it (life).

i stepped outside the UCSF Medical Center, out of the shadow of the building and into the delicious October sun. blue sky above, a frenzy of city activity around, i stood aware.

in this whole experience, there have been levels of awareness. awareness of vulnerability and fear, of wondering whether i should worry or be present. awareness of my blessings and of all the things i’ve yet to feel, do, be. awareness of how true it is when people say each day is a gift.

and so in the spirit of this gift, i revel in joys and continue to just be aware.


  1. Anonymous said:

    Christine, I am so happy all is well with your health! What a relief to have that behind you. Love the pictures you posted with this writing. Love, Irene

  2. Jenna said:

    You rock! Beautiful pictures! XO

  3. Anonymous said:

    Wonderful news. You have been in my thoughts quite a bit lately.

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