a question of trust

IMG_0819i’m learning a big lesson on trust.

tomorrow i go in for a small medical procedure that will hopefully shed some needed light on the pain i’ve felt for some time. it’s outpatient, it’s common; i should be home by early evening.

still. there’s something unsettling about being on a hospital bed, knocked out, with a pair of hands handling your insides.

there’s a level of trust that needs to come through in order to move into the experience well. one that gives into releasing control. one that believes there’s something powerful at work. one that smiles and accepts.

this takes practice and it’s happening all over.

the trust of a healer over the body.
the trust of loved ones over the heart.
the trust of intuition and choice over the journey.

in these hours of pre-op where uncertainty lingers in the shadows, there is little left to do…than trust.

[image credit: produce market Bolinas, CA]

  1. mkells said:

    Hugs and love from India!

  2. I’ve been in that same position myself, medically speaking. I wish you well. Hopefully you’ll find out what you’re dealing with pain wise – for me the not knowing has been very difficult, simply knowing the ailment you’re experience is a step forward towards being able to heal. If I can be of any support please let me know :)

  3. Anonymous said:

    Don’t forget Trust in self, knowing you are strong enough to take this journey

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