Emily’s wisdom

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I recently read that Emily Dickinson quote. It’s nothing revolutionary, really. It’s about having courage. It’s about overcoming fear. And yet, it’s the capitalized word “Nerve” that makes all the difference. Nerve is a proper noun, having an identity of import. It’s something we give credence to.

When it grants, it empowers action. When it denies, it sucks away aspiration and deflates dreams.

About three years back, I recounted a story over and over again. To my multiple life coaches, to my husband. I was in the thick of studying interior design. I had started a website. I began to dream…cautiously. Starting something new scared me to pieces. Unsure of my ability to succeed, I wondered if I truly had the Nerve to go through with a career change.

Fast forward to present day. While I still teach, it is temporary. My days are ignited by a love of what I do with design. I have jumped in with both feet (finally!) and am excited about the future. This is honestly a new feeling for me when it comes to work.

There is still much that needs to happen; there are large goals ahead. The difference though, is hearing Emily loud and clear; going above my Nerve once only makes the next time easier to do.

[image: Shelby Brakken]




  1. Anonymous said:

    I love Emily’s and your interpretation of ‘Nerve’, Christine. Emily had a talent for saying truly meaningful things in aseemingly simple ways. I agree with nurturing Nerve…so that when you need to call upon it, it’s there, ready, for you. Best of luck with your new venture! Hugs.

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