I Must Be Traveling (guest post)

Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 9.13.03 PMJanuary 12, 2014 at 3:21pm

Today I tromped alongside a river with a young, spry Swede who looked a little like Viggo Mortesen, 25 years ago. Before we made it to the falls, we stopped at a place where hot springs spill into the cold lake, making warm little pockets in the afternoon sunshine.

I must be traveling.

Today the weather didn’t agree with me, and I couldn’t hike, so I went sailing instead. And as I laid on the deck, chasing the sunlight from side to side, I greeted the Chinese couple from Brazil, “bon dia.”

I must be traveling.

Today when I arrived at my creepy hostel, the Indian man working the front desk at my hostel was puzzled when I said I was from the Untied States. “You don’t look American,” he stated matter of factly. My dismay at the moldy bathroom and grimy kitchen were consoled by my Egyptian roommate, who told me stories of being the only Egyptian in Christchurch; we belly laughed & laughed together, when I sniffed the sheets.

I must be traveling.

Today I sat on the covered patio of a new Maori friend, listening to the sound of the pouring rain, drinking tea and being called “miss”, as I stared out at the breathtaking view of the bay – a view that he called “normal.” We discussed his culture and traditions, wrote poetry, and then explored the lush green hills he knew as his backyard.

I must be traveling.

I arrived late in town, and hostel was already closed up. Abby, the owner, didn’t answer when I rang, but the lady at the nearby pub assured me Abby wouldn’t mind if I made myself at home. So I returned, and after a short chat with the couple from Finland, found a room, and climbed into bed and fell asleep to the sound of the couple next door chatting in a language I couldn’t distinguish through the walls.

I must be traveling.

Today when I tired of the vying attentions of two lanky lads – a Kiwi and a German – I instead made friends with a good looking Argentine surgeon who lives in Sydney. After convincing him he must jump in the sparkling, crystal waters of the cove we had hiked to, we climbed the hill back up, exchanging stories of our immense love of the sweaty elation that is Bikram yoga. I may have a coffee with him when I pass through Sydney.

I must be traveling.

After I shower, I reach for yesterday’s clothes, because yesterday’s dirty clothes somehow seem cleaner than today’s.

I must be traveling

I recently realized that my ploy to save money by not buying lunch is being thwarted by the cider I drink with my protein bar and the afternoon ice cream I have, just because.

I must be traveling.

I’ve eaten gluten free pizza three days in a row.

I must be traveling.

I wore flip flops into a decent, sit down restaurant, because they are a nicer option to my hiking boots.

I must be traveling.

I tend to use a pillow, not under my head, but under my body, in order to disguise the realities of mattresses with gullies.

I got a sandal tan in January.

I must be traveling.

I have salt water in my hair from the top of the country, many days after arriving at the bottom of the country.

I must be traveling.

Yesterday, I found myself hiking up a mountain with two Ironman, one from Chicago and the other from London. As I huffed at the end, they decided to race to the top.

I must be traveling.

I almost got in a bar fight. We got kicked out. (I’m blaming this one on traveling too.)

I must be traveling.

Written by Marina Nieves Flores.

  1. Anonymous said:

    Great post!

  2. As per my view travelling is the best path to find refreshment from this busy life. Due to travelling we know about new life style, vulture, festival, meet new people and many more.

  3. Absolutely, David! Am in complete agreement. Which place has made an impression on you recently?

  4. Hi Christine,
    I have visited Kashmir recently which located in India with my friends. Kashmir is one of the wonderful travel destination and I got unforgettable experience in Kashmir.

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