goals, gratitude, and spiders the size of my hand

Gold-glitter-champagne-glassI saw this today and liked it immediately.  I like that it’s not in-your-face goal scribbling rah-rah. I like that it’s paying reverence to time given and not invoking panic on what’s not yet been accomplished.  I like the lightness of tone, the simplicity of message, and the images make me smile.

And, as someone drawn to words, #3 caught my eye. It goes like this:

3. Write something down. I always find that I sometimes don’t even know what I think until I write it down. Writing is therapeutic, and it’s an incredible way to free our mind from all that stuff I mentioned earlier. Take pen to paper and write something down. Make a list of the new places you explored in the past year… or of the people you met… the things you learned. Write down 5 things you’re greatful for, 4 things you learned about yourself, 3 things you never thought you’d try but did. Write down a goal for the next year. It can be as specific as where you want to be living and with whom and by what date… or it can be as vague as a 4-word phrase. Be nicer to people, perhaps. The simple act of writing one thing down can offer closure to the past, gratitude for what you’ve experienced, and a giant wave of motivation for what’s to come.

So, in ceremonious and simultaneous closure/kick-off, here’s my exercise.
new places explored-Nong Kiaw, wine country northern CA, The Hamptons, aspects of my psyche
people met-friends in Luang Prabang, Aviva, Marianne
5 things grateful for-supportive people in my life, health, this journey, opportunities, Naya
4 things learned about myself-my limits are self imposed, being guilt driven is not a great place to operate from, wanting to go home is ok, i can deal with spiders the size of my hand on my own
3 things I thought i’d never try but did-design a 12 room hotel, act as co-founder of an e design company, get into a tripod headstand
goal-write, write, write
ok, you’re turn. what about you? take any one of these and share. in a funny way, writing it down contributes to the celebration. happy new years, all.
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  1. Cathy said:

    As always I am awed by your writing, you inspire me😊
    And I would like to add my thoughts:
    New places explored : Nha Trang, Vietnam and Shanghai
    Terrific new friends met: Claudette from NS, Heike and Martina from Germany and Jane from Australia all people I met here in Shanghai that have made my time here so much fun
    5 things I am grateful for- good health, terrific sisters, my partner of 40 years, loyal friends, and the chance to live and travel in Asia
    4 things I have learned about myself : that I can handle retirement, that I need structure to my life to accomplish things, that I AM a procrastinator and it can’t be blamed on my job ( like I did in the past) , and that I can take a taxi by myself in Shanghai
    3 things that I never thought I would try: learning Chinese, tai chi and use Chinese to get around in a taxi
    Goal: finish what I have started, read more, learn more, be a kinder and loyal friend and sister and partner

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