Mekong Yoga: the space

Mekong Yoga spaceIn the short time that Mekong Yoga studio was open, I became attached to the space. I know, not too “happy impermanent” of me.

I couldn’t help myself.

There was a certain energy that drew me in. And, not just me; most who passed through.

Was it the history of a building on temple grounds collected in old, picture frames-a lineage of monks? Or, the simplicity of design with time sharing it’s personal touch in warped floors and cracking walls? Was it the way the light made long shadows at certain times of day or how the golden stupa atop the hill was perfectly framed in the window? Was it the sound of the neighboring family going through with daily chores? The moments of stillness found in the center of town activity?

Whatever it was, it was nothing short of special.

It felt right to close those doors a few days ago. But this is also true; I loved practicing there.

(Click on 1st image for slideshow showing studio space progression from opening to closing)

  1. Iwona said:

    I feel so blessed that I had the opportunity to practice in this beautiful place last November . I found your blog, because we are coming back to Luang Prabang and I wondered if Mekong Yoga is still open… Well, life truly is about happy impermanence :-)
    I will never forget those two classes with Craig, and I am so thankful for the inspiration I got. I learned my headstand, and while I take that asana I usually think about Luang Prabang, Mekong Yoga and Wat Aphay.
    Thank you and Namaste :-)

  2. Hello Iwona….what truly kind words. thank you so much. We felt lucky to have such open and warm visitors. Enjoy your re-visit to LP. Namaste :)

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