my NY minute

what was an intensity of 4-5 months has slowed tremendously. hence the reason for my absence here. my frenzy culminated with a trip to New York a few weeks ago to attend the launch of the start-up company I am a co-founder of called Decorilla. the events that led to this are still no short of a mix of connections, timing, and a little bit of magic. regardless, i am hugely grateful for the chance to be part of such a unique creative process. (more to come on this, I’m sure)

four nights in the big apple is hardly enough. fortunately, i had seen some sites years ago so this experience was about being open to invitations. i stayed with a traveler i met in Laos; she was passing through in her global journey and we became fast friends. lucky for me, she was renting a house in the hamptons where I ate grilled mussels, hung out at the local general store, and went on the most peaceful run i’ve had in years. it was amazing.

going into the city comprised of catching up with old friends from varied past life chapters, admiring the success of a friend’s wine & cheese bar in Brooklyn, and greeting 200 people at the door of the launch party.

and then, just-like-that, it was over.

thank you, New York.

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