giving into mirth

i have a delicious memory.

it happened months ago when i was visiting monica, naya, and chris in new zealand. the two weeks were about spending time with them and i was in need of a good dose of family.

one afternoon while monica was making jewelry, i sat in the living room with my niece. on the floor, we went through her books, her toys, her stacking boxes. the bedsheet i was using on the couch was crumpled up beside me and i decided to lift it in the air above us. a parachute of bed linens. a small bubble from the space outside.

for a few seconds it ballooned around us and then slowly collapsed on our heads. naya’s reaction was a giggle.
i did it again.
the next was a squeal followed by laughter.
a belly sound. eyes bright, smiling.
i couldn’t help myself; i laughed too.
time and time again, i joined her in unadulterated joy.
the high pitched  amusement tipped over into hilarity.
this was a purely present moment. nothing held back. nowhere else in my mind but there.

i have to say…those moments of mirth are special, unique…nothing short of a little angel to bring them out.

Screen Shot 2013-08-20 at 3.21.07 PM

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