The 10

been quiet ’round here. am having a hard time finding time to nurture this blog at times. so here’s a quick and dirty list of 10 spanning several months.

1. buddy has a new home. it’s acres and acres of lush land where he runs around in mud, torments chickens, and responds to commands in French. lucky dog. (post pending)

2. we’ve run a couple of yoga retreats in a piece of paradise nearby. i love that this is part of our lives.

3. the yoga studio feels more and more like a second home here. recently, a friend of ours who left his temple just months ago helped us clean and arrange the Buddhist altar that had been there for many years.

4. i signed my first contract regarding the design of a commercial space, a hotel. it feels humungous but i am so grateful for the opportunity and excited to pieces about it.

5. we’ve moved into a new place. receiving our 36 boxes from Korea was overwhelming but i love how our things make the space feel like home.

6. quite unexpectedly, i’ve become a co founder of a start up company that focuses on e interior design. launch is set for June. it’s called decorilla. thank you, jen bogart for connecting me.

7. luang prabang has bloomed in the most stunning way. i marvel at the tangerine orange blossoms that line the mekong and the brilliant yellow ones that hang like golden grapes. beautiful.

8. going home in a month and a half. am ready to be replenished by family, friends, and the familiar.

9. ashtanga yoga teacher, David Robson, has agreed to give a 2 week workshop at Mekong Yoga in January. we are so excited.
10. am collaborating with World Volunteer on an eco bungalow project to encourage tourism and revenue to a small village 30 min. outside of Luang Prabang. the number of children in this village is significant. i want to help.

  1. How wonderful! Drip by drip becomes an river. x

  2. Sarah said:

    Christine- sounds like magic. It’s great to hear that you are growing roots there thriving. You make me happy.

  3. Such an inspiring list, Christine. It made me smile. I’ve very, very happy for you. xo.

  4. Thank you, Jamy. You’re really sweet for checking in.

  5. Sarah, YOU make me happy. Love connecting with you here. Sending you hugs.

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