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mekong yoga coming soon

We’ve been busy.

A little while before Craig went to India and I to New Zealand, we signed a lease for the yoga space. There was apprehension and wonder throughout the decision making process. But, in the end, we decided to go for it. Opportunity was dangling keys before us and we just could not ignore her.

What followed were plans. The space itself, is special. We had been calling it the Ban Aphai house and it already had seen yoga and Pilates practitioners for some time. Hidden behind trees ( a frangipani included), it sits on temple grounds, Wat Aphai.

Students who practice there have shared that there is a special energy and quality to the space. Floor to ceiling wood, it has breathed, stretched and shifted with time and nature’s elements. The cracks where outside’s light seeps in, the dust collected on old photos of monks hanging on the walls all add to a sense of reverence there. From a yoga pose one gets a glimpse of the shiny, golden stupa on top of Phousi Hill through the open window. Stepping out of class onto the temple grounds helps maintain the Prana created in class.

Recently, the house has had a few renovations. The space has been expanded to comfortably hold 20+ students. Lighting has been arranged for added ambiance. Other facilities will be improved such as the restroom and a proper changing space. Completion of renovations are estimated for April/May. We are excited to welcome all and continue to share this space with the Luang Prabang Yoga community and those visiting.

It is strange to think what we envisioned two years ago exists now. Welcome Mekong Yoga. (website ready soon)

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