The Gift of the Unexpected

It’s official. We’ve fallen into a new category of folks. You know the type. They have their own parks, their own beaches. Some sidewalk cafes have special areas for them. They bombard Facebook with the latest photos and often start conversations the same way. They are your neighbor, your friend, your mom, maybe even you.

Dog owners.

I suppose it was inevitable. It was just a matter of time for this large-eared canine to have us wrapped around his little paw. Y’know, he may have planned it all out…the scenario.

Neglectful owner leaves puppy at site of new house construction. Skinny and thirsty, he sets his soulful gaze on the unsuspecting expat neighbors. Wags tail incessantly. Licks. Yelps when they leave. Wiggles happily when they arrive. Gets dangerously ill. Has expats worry and visit while puppy is being cared for at the vet. Tugs at the heart strings more. Inspires hope. Comes home again healthy and strong. Makes ridiculous sounds when yawning or food is being dished. Carries all shoes in sight outside to porch. Chases tail and hanging ropes like it’s nobody’s business. Licks. Loves.

It’s clear to me what has happened here. We didn’t specifically go out looking for Buddy. Buddy sought us. In the short time of this developing relationship, he’s lightened up some moody days; he’s persuaded us to give something more beyond ourselves and our plans. And, in some crazy way, he’s strengthened something in us.

Now if we can just be successful in some form of dog training.

  1. Eric said:

    Two years and 3 months into my own metamorphosis to dog owner, and would never, ever go back. Not only some of the experiences you mention, but meeting so many other “interesting people” as we walk around Rome with a fairly large German Shepherd. GS’s are lovingly known as “lupi” or wolves, and are what Italians consider the ultimate example of a dog. Everywhere we go, people stop and recount stories of their own lupo when they were a child, or you hear them under their breath say “che bel cane”. I hope Buddy continues to bring you as much joy and serenity as Kobe gives me living so far from my family and friends. (as far as the dog training, although tough, you must be a strict disciplinarian at first and not bend the rules. As he gets older, you can soften up!!!!!!)

  2. Awwwww, he is very cute! Ok, I get it.. kids next???? Hope you are well!

  3. He is, isn’t he? The only way I think kids are easier is that they don’t tend to snip at your ankles with sharp teeth while you’re walking. :)

  4. Eric, I love this story. Can totally picture you in the streets of Rome with your GS (what’s his name?) I will take your advice to heart. Not easy to stay consistent. But, it’s kinda like establishing classroom discipline with the kiddos. Strict, at first…then there’s a chance to goof around. Thanks for popping by.

  5. Therese Bagsit said:

    Yes, our canine companions give us the expected treasure of realization – the realization that we have a deep capacity to love and to be unselfish in depths that we had never known before. Welcome home to Buddy!

  6. Anonymous said:

    Yay!! Welcome to the club of canine lovers… Buddy is such a gift. Your baby he is!! Can’t wait to see more pictures.

    Proud Tia……marcy

  7. Anonymous said:

    His name is Kobe and there are pics of him on facebook if you are curious. Best to you, Craig, and buddy in your continuing adventures.

  8. What a lovely story, for you two and for Buddy. It’s amazing how dogs enter our lives and the instant they do, you never quite know how you lived without them. When I wanted a puppy, Jersey’s previous owner was the only one who called me back after I made fifteen inquires. She then sold him to me 1/2 off because he was the last boy and “smaller” than other goldens. I wouldn’t have mattered if he was double the price, I fell in love instantly. Every year, I celebrate the day I adopted him as well as his real birthday. Very fortunate indeed.

    Kisses for Buddy.

  9. Aw, Jamy. Sounds like you’re smitten too. Glad you have that kind of love…it’s special, indeed.

  10. Marcy…I know you understand. I’ve seen you with your Oso. More pix to come.

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