Life Waves

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A little while ago, I released myself from my current life in Laos and was transported into another story set in India. The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel reminded me of  my own trip to Mumbai and Goa years ago where my surroundings “assaulted my senses”.  Centered around themes of life transitions, loneliness, resilience, and  finding beauty in the unexpected, the script of this movie dropped gems of wisdom.

I’ve been quiet on the blog front a while. From my last post until now, the bottom dropped from under me and I felt as if the descent would last forever. Call it a kind of blend…a large dose of culture shock mixed with a splash of mid-life issues (mid-life, really?), plus a shot of deep-rooted fears…well, that’s a combination that would keep you spinning.

I’m sure we’ve all had moments like this to some extent. When life has knocked the wind out of you. When you’re not sure you can plant your feet outside of bed. When being invisible seems like a solution to everything. Reasons for this type of feeling vary and sometimes the reason is hard to pinpoint at all.

As I became invested in the movie, these lines on life were tossed to me:

Evelyn:  “It’s like a wave.  Resist and you’ll be knocked over.  Dive into it and you’ll come out the other side.”

Resistance is a powerful force. Sometimes it’s done willingly. Think about adding resistance to a spin bicycle for added difficulty in your workout. Or practicing resistance when passing over that piece of cake, that cigarette, that desire to fly off the handle on somebody.

But then there’s the resistance we don’t acknowledge. The quiet, stubborn type. This kind of resistance is not useful. It does not make us better or thinner or stronger. It is one that blocks the flow, that challenges nature, that tries to defy impermanence.

So, what have I been resisting?

  • the unique manner things are done here that resemble little to Korea or California
  • the fact that new things take time: finding the right home, making friends, starting a business
  • my age

I’ve dug my toes in, flexed my calves, and closed my eyes tight just as the waves hit again and again. Sometimes I feel successful when the force has only  managed to throw me off balance a bit. The thing about this is that a lot of energy goes out. It’s exhausting to resist.

Diving into the wave, into whatever is difficult or different or scary takes a surge of courage and faith. It’s not easy. But, before you know it, you’re on the other side where life waters are calm once more.

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  1. What a heartfelt post.
    You know, I’ve not really lived in different cultures so don’t know that kind of fear. All my fears stem from the inner work I’ve done and the best advice I can give is to ‘just ride the wave’.

    Merry Christmas. I hope you have a peaceful time. x

  2. Marianne said:

    Wise, true and brave. Sometimes we have to dive under, and trust that the wave will pop us up out the other side. Thinking of you, wishing you were here for Xmas, but trusting the the wave has placed in just the right place for you right now.

  3. Thanks, Marianne. Wish I was there too. Having your support and love from a far is a big gift. I am grateful for this. Happy holidays.

  4. Monica said:

    Beautiful and powerful post. I love you, mi hermanita hermosa.

  5. Sarah Digges said:

    Christine, thanks for sharing. I’m sure it never really gets easy or comfortable to share yourself like this but it is so valuable to those of us who follow your blog. It is empowering and comforting to know we’re not alone. And, you write so beautifully. Love to you.

  6. Anonymous said:

    Christine, I so admire what you and Craig have done with your lives. I don’t want to dissuade you in any way but, just a reminder, you’re not a failure if you admit to making the wrong deicision and changing course. That takes courage too.

  7. Thank you, dearest sister. What would I do without your most gratifying support?

  8. Thank you, Sarah. Really nice to feel supported from dear ones far away. I value this so very much. Love right back!

  9. That is certainly true. It’s the listening part that’s difficult. Silencing the gremlins and REALLY hearing what the heart has to say. I completely respect that. Thank you for the reminder.

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