Luang Prabang: 10 in 10

I describe my recent time here as a falling in love period with LP (visa trip aside). Here’s a few things from the last 10 days.

1. helped some friends with a photoshoot (the lighting) on a boat in the Mekong at sunset; it was surreal
2. had an hour conversation with the young owner of our favorite Lao restaurant, going through my ideas on how design modifications could potentially attract more customers; he listened graciously and is keen to implement
3. sat for an hour with novice monks at the temple and a paper lantern artist, crafting a particular design for above mentioned restaurant
4. hiked with Craig to the top of the hill behind our place where silence, a view, and a golden wat greeted us
5. large, falling coconut nearly ended my days
6.experienced a jivamukti yoga class in the wooden yoga house where live bossa nova accompanied our movement
7.night life includes: opening of a french restaurant, a pool party, movie night, and listening to jazz at the only live music place in town
8.afternoon bicycle ride into a nearby village where hand-made paper is made; lunched on the best tuna sandwich i’ve had yet here
9. as i walked up the steps to our home, i paused to look up…too many stars to count
10. relished in my perfect pre-yoga energy treat: a pain au chocolat and cafe latte (shh, don’t tell Craig)

  1. Monica said:

    Love this. I can almost see, smell and taste what you describe. Cannot wait to visit.

  2. oh my….how lovely. with the exception of the coconut–what a delightful ten days. thanks for sharing. xo.

  3. thanks for stopping by, jamy. if you’re ever in need of a southeast asian holiday, you know where to find a friend.

  4. onfourthstreet said:

    thank you christine–it’s been quite a few years since i’ve been to se asia. hope to make it back soon. likewise, if you ever find yourself in new mexico, we must meet for a cup of tea. xo.

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