Luang Prabang: 10 in 10

It’s impossible to recount all that has happened in 10 days here (ok, it’s been a bit more). I’m thinking every now and then I’ll just give a quick flash of events…not in any particular order.

1. our first lodging is Saynamkhan Riverview Hotel where French windows open up to rooftops, there is rumor of a rat scurrying around the 2nd (our) floor, and a young server named Bin tells me she is pleased we’ve moved here

2. lacking space in the room, Craig wakes up at 5:30 to practice yoga at the local wat where an interested monk watches his closing sequence

3. food on the streets is a theme here: the morning market sells everything from fresh herbs to live frogs; at night, you can eat from long tables of buffets with rowdy tourists for under $2

4. met fellow expats who shared an experienced bit of knowledge: one of the few restaurants here, Rosella Fusion, that cook MSG-free food; it was delish!

5. have moved to a more long-term location called Sayo Guesthouse; Craig and I redefine the word “space”; hanging Thai lights and a batik on the wall is my attempt at making it home

6. an afternoon on the Mekong, we explore beautifully isolated wats on the other side and take in the sunset in a longboat.

7. we decide to take part-time jobs at a new school; 10 hours a week, 4 days= pocket money, work visa, a chance to rent a house, and time to continue other projects

8. rented a scooter for our “commute” to work; took it for a joy ride: amazing how gorgeous the countryside is here; we reminisce of motorcycle rides in Medellin-my arms around Craig’s waist back when we were courting;)

9. get fitted for my first “sinh”, traditional Lao skirt; need to wear this on certain days at school

10. Craig teaches his 1st yoga class; we’re hoping to find a more permanent space for this

  1. tina said:

    OMG, those photographs are gorgeous.

    I love that you share snippets as each snippet means a lot coming from a different cultural experience.
    Wow, all this new stuff in less than a fortnight.

    I’m totally allergic against MSG, hence my worry of travelling to these countries. Glad you found something.
    Hello fellow scooter riders:) your location trumps mine:)

    Great you got part-time jobs. Greta re: first yoga class. Getting up at 5.30am is not for me:)

    Keep us posted!! x

  2. Love the adventure. I almost feel like I am there with you. xo

  3. Anonymous said:

    Christine I have been waiting for this post for a long time!!!! Sounds like things are moving in the exact right direction! You are both using your previous skills to get money and network into your new life path. My heart is glowing happiness for you both! Xoxo

  4. Thank you! I have to say, it was not an easy decision to make…the going back to teach. But, in the grand picture, it makes sense. Who knows where this journey will take us? Life is full of surprises, right?

  5. Maybe you should just come and experience it with us. ;)

  6. Thanks for the shout out, Tina. I yet have to learn how to drive one. Ours is not automatic. Anyway, you’re always welcome to join us…will not make you get up at that time ever!

  7. Ayngelina said:

    Photos of food please!

  8. Thanks, Holly. Am curious to see how your life is unfolding as well. Need to get back in touch with my blog peeps. Feel out of touch. Will do soon.

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