Work wireless, live almost fearless

When I first started following writer/photographer, Christine Gilbert, I did so from my school teacher desk with pens in a cup, stapler and tape dispenser within reach, paper clips in a ceramic dish from Tunisia.

I sighed.

This is what I wanted.

Christine’s site, Almost Fearless, tells the story of a young couple who left their U.S. lives complete with jobs and a house to travel the world and document it. What began in 2008 as a travel blog evolved into living proof that working an unconventional job on your own terms is possible.

Then, came Cole, their baby boy; and their roller-coaster ride added in twists and loops. The how-to’s on recreating delicious Thai dishes and posts on learning Mandarin became intertwined with reflections on traveling with a baby and whimsical features like “Where’s Cole?”, engaging readers in guessing the family’s new whereabouts. This added bundle made what the Gilberts were doing stand apart from even other travel bloggers. Their choices said: Yeah, we have a baby and are traveling to India…so?

Having lived overseas as an international teacher, this site had me hooked. Why? Because of the travel photos? They are stunning, but I had my own albums from trips and living overseas.

It was the fact that this family redefined “work”. And that’s the kind of inspiration I desperately needed.

Christine and her husband, Drew, established their work as writers, photographers, and film-makers while living in such fascinating places as Thailand, Lebanon, China. They currently offer an online course called Blog Brilliantly which offers countless tips on writing and creating a unique blog. And, their latest project is getting all sorts of attention.

“The Wireless Generation”, their documentary is on the verge of release. The Kickstarter campaign page explains:

We followed the stories of 18 individuals who take work from home to the next level.  They’re living abroad, traveling, experiencing things that they would have never have seen if they worked in a traditional office.  This is the first generation of people who realistically can hold a 9-5 job and travel around the world at the same time.

The internet has revolutionized tons…including the way we work. It is estimated that by 2016, 63 million Americans will work from home at least part time. That could be you; maybe it already is.

Regardless, this fact offers many questions. What would it be like to work wirelessly? How much freedom does that provide? If you could be geographically independent, where would you go?

This project resonates with me right now.

In June I packed up my desk and walked out of a building I knew to be work for four years.

At this moment, I have settled into a chair at my favorite cafe in Pasadena, CA to write and work on some of my e design projects. Six weeks from now, I will be doing this at my favorite cafe in Luang Prabang, Laos.

Am I scared? Mmm hmm..

But seeing so many others doing the exact same thing in a number of capacities gives me comfort. Moreover, knowing that I’m living out a dream makes me “almost fearless”.

{image credit: Drew & Christine Gilbert}

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