They grow up so quickly

Recently one of my best friends had a baby boy. This happened two months after my sister had a little girl. Everyone jokes that the two infants will grow up and be each other’s boyfriend/girlfriend. The idea delights me to pieces.

We can easily muse over an idea that seems so many years away. Thing is, time flies like crazy. Even though I still feel like I’m 26 years old…sometimes 13…okay, sometimes 5…I can see time make its mark on me and those around me.

The biggest time keeper is growing kids. I still can’t believe that my little cousins are as old as they are. I remember holding their hands to cross the street and calling them silly names like “my little pookie”. Try that now, and they’d shun me forever. These days, they are cool. They wear skinny jeans, sweep their skater hair from their face, and write Facebook statuses I can’t quite make out.


So, what does this mean?

That time is impermanent.That every single cliche about how “every second counts” and “there’s no time like the present” is down-right true. That waiting for the “right time” to quit your job, get in shape, change that relationship, pursue a new career, tell that person you love them, sell that house, start a family, stop smoking, tell that person to back off, book that flight elsewhere, write that novel, start dating again, sign up for that marathon, speak your truth, reach your stars, honor your journey…is the biggest piece off bull-shit ever because things keep happening even while we’re not looking.


before we know it…

…our whole entire lives can be viewed in a 15 minute time lapse video.

So, here’s the question:

Is now the right time?

  1. Holly said:

    There’s no better time than now! This is a great post, very inspiring, very motivating, very honest. Thanks lady Xx.

  2. Thank you, Holly. I really appreciate you, my friend.

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