Make your joy list

I recently read an article on Mind.Body.Green entitled “7 Steps to Love Your Life ( And Really Mean It)” where step one made me pause. Author Jennifer Pastiloff suggests:

1. Make a Joy List. I do this in many of my yoga classes and ask my students to post it somewhere where they can see it. Look at that joy list as often as you can and try to get into the feelings of the things you wrote on it. For example, a Sunday cuddle, a warm fire and a book you can’t put down, a kiss, a nice glass of red, a child’s pose. Whatever it is, see if you can connect to that ‘feel good feeling’. Pretty soon you will notice you don’t need the list as much because it will be tattooed on your heart so at a moment’s notice you can reach in and borrow some joy or give some away.

This got me thinking: I want a joy list. So, I made one.

::sunshine on my skin

::going on a walk holding hands with my hubby

::sitting outside on warm summer nights with a glass of red

::the first morning latte

::digging my toes in beach sand

::sharing full belly laughter with a loved one

::tall trees against true blue skies

::meals cooked with time & love

::the ocean

{What would you include on your joy list?}

  1. Sarah said:

    What a nice uplifting entry! Can I borrow this, and make my own list for my next entry? :)

  2. Marcela AvilaMendoza said:

    Spending time with the Fab4
    Enjoying a paleta de coco
    A sunny day outdoors
    Holding hands with my honey
    Carrying a baby
    Snuggling with my baby Oso
    Eating a bowl of my mom’s chicken posole

  3. Michelle said:

    What a beautiful idea, Christine! I am going to make my list this weekend. I love your blog you thoughtful and beautiful woman! Lots of love to you <3.

  4. Thank you, Michelle. Been thinking of you. Sending you much joy!

  5. I love these, Marcy. They certainly carry your beautiful spirit. May life fill you with these joys and more.

  6. Of course! I’d love it! Maybe we can start a chain of joy lists…trickle happy spirit everywhere.

  7. Sarah said:

    Yes! That’s good idea Christine :) Thanks! Have a good one!

  8. I love this and really need to think about it. But as weird as it may seem a good salad would be on my list!

  9. ha! not weird at all as i think it would be on my husband’s list as well. i can see that. crisp fresh produce with a balance of sweet and tart and cheese and crunch. that’s joy. why not?

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