Did you enjoy your story?

You are the author if your life. You decide where one chapter ends and another begins. The setting is your choice. You develop the characters through your judgements and notions. Are there heroes? Are there villains? You decide on the development of plot, where it climaxes, the number of falling actions and whether or not there are resolutions.


And, at the end of it all, there is the inevitable question: “Did you enjoy your story?”

I watched this video a while back. It struck me then and it really resonates now. We’re only a few days into finishing our contracts and stepping into our “new life phase”. Feels good to hold the pen, even if the hand trembles with fear a little bit.

{What about you, do you think it is possible to be happy in this life? What do you do to enjoy your own story?}

  1. Holly said:

    Great video! I like the question “Did you enjoy your story?”. Well … our stories are still in progress but if I think about it until this point, I would have to say most definitely yes. And I realize I’m excited to keep writing. Thanks for making me think about that. This week, I’ve felt so overwhelmed with work and life. As my husband’s pilot job applications go out, the reality that things can change very quickly without us being able to anticipate it becomes more and more real – and a bit stressful. Not knowing where we are going … but it’s ok – because your question reminded me that so far, so good – so I feel it will be the same in the future :)

    Have fun writing your new chapter!!!! Looking forward to hearing all about it!


  2. oh Holly…i can understand how it can be even more tricky not knowing where the chips will fall. I think your outlook is very positive…it’s true that if it’s all been good thus far, it can continue to be so. it’s all about how we perceive and react to things, right? please let me know where you end up. any chance it will be Asia? :)

  3. Love this video, the first scenes are from the Atacama Desert in Chile, one of my favourite places in the world.

  4. ooh, thanks for telling me that, ayngelina. i’ve wanted to visit chile for some time now. i kinda had a lull in new travel places lately. the bug is stirring again. where are you off to next?

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