HIP#1:Torri-ing around the world

When making a life shift, it is important to be surrounded by inspiration.

Currently, I am inspired by outside-the-boxers, folks who give up what we perceive as stability for something that rocks their world.

I am energized by people like my friend, Amy, who make unreasonable commitments to ideas/actions that most people would not make, regardless of what society expects from them. People who take that leap toward that which ignites them and brings them joy.

So, I decided to start a HIP series. These are about Happily Impermanent People; individuals who embrace the present moment.

Meet Torri.

At 21, she left her life in Washington to travel. Craig and I met her practicing yoga in Ubud, Bali, last July. To me, she was the most “together” 21 year old I’d ever met; an old soul. Attracted to her energy, I’ve kept up with her these past months. She spent quite some time in Bali, then made her way to the Gold Coast in Australia. From there, she shares her thoughts:

When asked if her current life was a song, what it would be…Torri shared Ladi6: Like Water.

  1. The most important thing I take away here is that we all have doubts and insecurities, but some move past them to get what they really want in life.

  2. Yes, Ayngelina, I agree with you. What do you do when those doubts creep in?

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