The week of lasts

The other day at the elevator, I commented to my friend: “Can you believe this is the last Friday of school?”

He replied, “Yup, and then everyday will be like Friday to you.”

Hmm. Hadn’t really thought about it that way. It feels strange. Thing is, I’ve been in school for soooo long. Kindergarten being my first schooling experience, I guess I can say I’ve been in school for 32 years! Once I graduated from college, I was in a classroom again, only on the teaching side of things. My life schedule has synced up with the school calendar all this time.

And now, that’s about to change.

Lots of things are.

As all school teachers and students count down until summer break, I acknowledge moments and events slipping away. I’ve been preparing for this time. I’m a crier by nature and I’ve known that I would be sensitive to my time coming to a close in Korea, both as home for the last four years and as a teacher.

So, what we’ve come to is the week of lasts…

::last morning ride to school from my apartment
::last purchase of Korean rice cakes
::last view of the trees on the hill behind the soccer field
::last cappuccino at Yeon’s, my local cafe
::last quick visit to friends’ classrooms for a needed hello
::last Sunday walk to dinner with my husband
::last hallway smiles from kids
::last friendly bow from the guard at the doors
::last night in the comfortable space we’ve called home

Gosh, and there’s so many more.

I’ve often wondered if my life overseas so far has been a series of compressed life events & emotions. When you know your time is finite in a place, you make sure to make the most of it: nurture those relationships, take those chances, visit those places. It certainly lends to a sentimentality of living and loving quickly and fiercely.

But, can’t this be applied to all life anyhow? As humans, we know of impermanence in life. Only sometimes, routines and the minutiae make us forget. From time to time, we need those reminders to “go for it”, “seize the day” because “you only live once”.

It seems that the young Mr. Dean figured that out quite early on.

{image credit: i made that}

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