For my momma, mommas to be & mommas everywhere

I’ve my dear friend, Sara, to thank for making me sob at my desk while watching this video the other day. Have always been a Coldplay fan and this rendition of Yellow spins it into a sweet melody where lovely animation tells the story of unconditional love.

That is motherhood right there.

To my mother who gave up much to be home with us while she cared for many other little ones; who encouraged me to face my fears and do my best; who doesn’t like that I’m far away but supports me anyway; who gives advice, offers comfort, shows love. Mom, your are treasured.

To my sister, my other half, swollen now with a golden light of life, who shared childhood with me-the wonders and fears, who knows my feelings even on a Skype chat, who is my tireless cheerleader, wise adviser, loving friend. Monica, your kindness spills out of your heart; you are meant to be a mother.

To all mothers under the night sky, there’s certainly a star that shines for you.

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