Is yoga a rude guest?

I’d been wanting to write a post about yoga for a while now. Four years ago, the word yoga was not in my vocabulary, much less in my daily motions. It’s not like I’m a hard-core yogi or anything like that…but, it’s just a part of my life now.

Sometimes the development of my practice seems organic, like it happened much as other natural things do. But, there are moments when I feel like it just walked in the door…without even knocking.

To read more about how this happened, my struggle with motivation, and a little about Ashtanga teacher David Swenson, go to My First Yoga Lesson: Just Show Up on elephantjournal.

Thank you and namaste.

*image credit: Lindsay Kristine Art

  1. Mike R. said:

    I too enjoy Yoga and like you, it was far out of my thoughts most of my life. Not an expert by any means, just rolling out the mat gets my mind relaxed. Good for you!

  2. Hi Mike…thanks for the comment. Yes, it’s funny how when I go for days without it, I feel like my body/mind ask for it. Very grateful to have found it.

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