Facing your Mickey Mouse Club past

If you’re a fan of The Voice, like I am, you watched recent contestant Tony Lucca give his turn-around performance singing his version of Britney Spears’ “Hit Me Baby, One More Time”.

If you haven’t seen this because a.) you don’t have time for reality TV or b.) you’re still watching American Idol, here’s the clip:

So, it wasn’t the performance of the night for me. But, what got my attention was the coaching part before Lucca went onstage. The previous week’s performance of “In Your Eyes” got a so-so reaction from coach Christina Aguilera who pointed out that while he has the advantage of a pop past (he was part of the Mickey Mouse Club back when Aguilera, Spears, and Timberlake were on), it’s his voice that has to get him through.

The comment seemed to sting a little for both contestant and his own coach, Adam Levine. In coaching sessions, Levine seized the opportunity of using the past that Lucca had tried all his life to separate from (he wanted to “make it” on his own terms) to tackle the next round.

What did this mean? Looking at what Lucca was running from right in the face. He took the Spears song and made it his own.

How many times do we expend energy resisting something or trying to drive it away or run away from it?

  • avoiding some painful feelings through numbing vices like wine, TV, or work
  • ignoring the call from that friend or family member you have a hard time listening to
  • changing the subject when it’s uncomfortable or scary

It’s exhausting…and useless.

Sure, doing the contrary takes a whole lot of courage, much like going on stage for all the world to judge.

But, it may be a hell of a lot better than having the Mickey Mouse Club haunting you forever.

  1. ok, so i truly thought I was the probably the only one in NE Asia watching The Voice. Glad to know I’m not alone. Haven’t gotten to that particular Tony Lucca episode yet, but I must be close. Glad they addressed his past- it’s made me stop to consider why it is I’ve been pulling so hard for those who spent so many years working alongside people who have been successful, but haven’t quite gotten there….yet. (like that guy who was Alicia Keys’ backup singer) and why that has struck such a chord in me. We all need to embrace our past to then be able to reinvent it and ourselves.

    I definitely need to get back into the practice room.

  2. thanks for the comment. there are so many aspects of this show that i love. more than anything, it pumps me up and inspires. glad we can connect this way.

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