Monday blues cure

This is exactly how I feel sometimes on Mondays. Or Tuesdays. Let’s face it, most days.


*fatigue (Sunday/___day night insomnia)
*ennui (lack of stimulation)
*claustrophobia (too many walls, not enough outdoors)
*auto-pilot mode (action based on routine, not creativity)
*daydreaming (imagining a beach, a Parisian cafe, bed)


1. Drink a cappuccino.
2. Play that song that pumps you up (for me, right now, it’s Florence + the Machine’s “Shake It Out”).
3. Open the window, take a breath…nice and deep.
4. Be present. Spontaneity happens in the moment; may be in the form of humor, listening, or movement (a high 5, for example, or a hallway pirouette)
5. Like this video, imagine all your co-workers stopping work, standing up, and dancing their faces off.

  1. skwebster said:

    christine, between the awesome epic-ness of that video curing my monday blues and florence and the machine making me cry it out (in a good way) you have yet again written a post that struck a chord in me. thanks so much for sharing a piece of you with us…now be careful or i might get greedy and ask for a post every day! ;)

  2. Thanks, Sara. Amazing how music can bring out so much emotion in us. It’s healing, really.

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