Nearing the edge

“Come to the edge,” he said.
They said, “We are afraid.”
“Come to the edge,” he said.
They came. He pushed them and they flew.

The word edge has various meanings. Perhaps, most obvious, is the physical edge; a place where something ends and another begins. In tangible terms, the edge of a bed, a pool, a cliff, come to mind. As humans, we test the edges of comfort beginning with our first steps. How far we want to go with that depends on personality.

There are people who live on the edge, both literally and figuratively. For some, it is like taking adrenaline as a vitamin supplement. A perfect example: Seb Montaz and his buddies. These French dudes are major height junkies. Just watching the video of their documentary, I Believe I Can Fly, is enough to make eyes widen, pulses race, stomachs churn.

NOTE: Full screen is highly recommended.

But there are other forms of edge.

*You can have edge, something that sets you apart from others, a penetrating quality like having an edge to humor.

*Edge can be a keenness, a zest, as of desire or enjoyment such as inviting surprise in one’s routine plans.

* Edge may be the point at which something is likely to begin. It’s Invisible. It’s bottomless. It may lead to crazy free-falling or graceful flight.

Embarking on change feels like varying degrees of these definitions. Depending on the magnitude, it can cause anything from an accelerated heartbeat to severe nausea. There are days when newness gives a tingling feeling. It adds to the crispness of air, the boldness of color. There are days when the fear that often accompanies change grips tight, leaving the knee jerk reaction of doubt.

In any case, nearing the edge, dangling one’s feet over it, or diving head first brings a rush of breath. And doesn’t breathing like that make you feel…well…


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