Lady Lineage

I’ve just made a discovery. I come from a line of females who are risk-takers. Outside-of-the boxers. Dream catchers.

This doesn’t mean that my mom jumps out of planes or my sister lives off the grid on a farm somewhere. The examples are a bit more subtle.

My discovery stemmed from the question I get from time to time: What made you move so far from home? Why do you feel the need to start over and do something new?

I never had a clear answer.

Um, because I like to travel and experience life in other countries. Because I’m not getting any younger and I’d like to have a career I love. Because…

…I was born that way?

The more I thought about that last reason, the more it made sense. Maybe there is something in my genetic disposition that has me craving getting my passport stamped or figuring out how to communicate in another language. Maybe creating-making things that are uniquely my own is in my blood.

Here’s a mini break down of the lady lineage in my family:

No wonder I have little trepidation about making a life in a country other than the one in which I was born.

It makes sense that I am keen to start something to call my own.

Figures that I am eager not only to satisfy my creative urges, but to envelop a component that extends into a place larger than myself; to contribute to community.

It has been said that it takes a life time to get to know oneself. And perhaps that is true.

But, taking a look at where I come from, who have been my influences, has really helped in feeling more at peace with what I’m doing.

                                                                                                        photo credit

  1. Irene Morton said:

    Yes, you do come from a line of risk takers. It could also be that you are very courageous, self confident and know in your heart when a change is needed. You listen to your intuition and recognize what feels right to you.

    You also do not get caught up in ‘what we think society expects of us.’ You are living your life and not someone else’s expectations of your life! Good for you.


  2. I loved this and am honored to be part of an amazing lone of women.

  3. Thanks, Moni. You inspire me greatly.

  4. Thanks, Irene. It means a lot to me to have you cheering us on.

  5. Judy Curtis said:

    how do I print a copy of this?

  6. Hi Judy, let me know what you need and I can send it to you. Thanks.

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