The Plan: draft #1

I’ve realized that my posts have concentrated on this elusive idea of leaving teaching to move to Laos. Little has been mentioned about what it will look like once we’re there. Honestly, I am not entirely sure. Maybe that’s my hesitation in sharing more.

Well, forget that.

This experience is not about sharing events once they’re neatly packaged and tied with string.

It’s about the imperfections…the trial and error…the process. So, I’ll share what we have in mind. Imperfections and all.

Rudimentary; but it makes me smile.

  1. Irene Morton said:

    You have some good solid plans in mind and over the next few months you will have more clarity about the areas that are presently doable and those that will take some time. Flexibility, going with the flow and paying attention to your intuition will take you along your path with grace and ease. And above all your courage to try new things will lead you to a life that perhaps you have not even imagined! I’m very excited for you!

  2. Julie Rogers said:

    Phew – I finally have a minute to catch up on your blog. Love it! I will say that your plan is much more solidified than mine right now as I don’t even have a country/city to land in…. LOL. Although, upon closer inspection, if you flipped your totally upside down and subtracted the yoga (can you imagine Noah teaching yoga? Ha!) and the design (again – imagine me designing…. oh dear!) your plan might look like my plan! Did that make sense?
    Keep writing………..

  3. Holly said:

    Sounds really good ;) Best, best wishes!!!

  4. Thanks, Jules. I know great things are store for you guys too.

  5. Thanks, Holly. It’s nice to have a twitter friend who is in a similar boat. Wishing you and your hubby the best too.

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