The other day I was returning home from an appointment in downtown Seoul. I hopped on the 1550 bus, one that I’ve been taking to my neighborhood for 3+ years now. The ride is normally 25-30 minutes. I dozed for a wee bit. When I woke up, I looked at the darkened sky, the neon signs; listened for the stop names. Nothing was familiar.

Where was I?

I could not have been out for that long. And the longer I was on, the more disoriented I became. A grown woman in a city I felt I’d maneuvered through well enough, here I was…lost.

Now, there are many types of lost. There’s the:

  • meandering through the charming labyrinth streets of Rome lost
  • making a wrong turn because you refuse to consult your spouse (not talking about you, Craig) or a map lost
  • the potentially good (and sadly, not) sci-fi story line of island crashers LOST
  • in the midst of people, frantically locating your mom in a department store lost

I’ll admit; I was feeling a bit like the latter. There was an element of panic; I went to that kid place.

At last, it was the final stop. I got off with a couple and asked them which direction was Suji. The opposite. So, I hopped back on in the other direction. I was keenly aware of the route. Surprisingly, it went through an undeveloped area for a few miles. Pitch darkness, a rarity in Seoul. The bus was just about to get onto the highway-the point where you’re committed to the long haul to Seoul, when I hit the button. I was closer to home, but not close enough. Why hadn’t it turned close to my hood like expected? What the heck was going on?!

I got off. I was grumpy. I was hungry. I demanded to know who changed the route on me. I wanted to be home already.

After a 2 1/2 hour ordeal, I finally got home. With time and retrospection I came to a conclusion. Bear with me because it’s a little new age, life lesson-y.

I got on a bus with the expectation to get me where I needed to go. The route changed. I was bummed. = At times, we plan things for ourselves and attach ourselves to those plans. Life happens: someone close to us gets sick, an investment falls through, finding that special person or having that baby doesn’t happen in that Timeline. We feel disappointed.

Thing is, I got home. It included a detour. It made me feel uncomfortable for a while. But, I ended up where I needed to be.

Maybe that’s just it. Loosen that grip around the steering wheel. Let things happen their own way and get lost.

                                                                                                                   photo credit

  1. Irene Morton said:

    Amazing how we become so attached to outcomes. How uncomfortable we are with change, especially the ‘unexpected change.’ We may still end up where we originally planned to be but it was out of our control how we got there. What a great experience you had out of your comfort zone, although you may not have felt that way at the time! Next time an unexpected change will be less stressful.

  2. Holly said:

    I love this story! You are a really good writer ;) Thanks for sharing!

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