Uncertain Future? check

So, this week I did something I’ve never really done before. I let go of what I’ve known as security. Job security. Ever since I’ve been old enough to have a job, I’ve had one.

  • Age 16-18: Pizza Hut order taker, pizza maker (I stank like pizza grease all the time)
  • Age 19-21: University work study program (I pretty much worked at all the food establishments on campus-boy, could I scramble eggs for the masses), coffee house barista, waitress
  • Age 22-on….Teacher (Fremont, Oakland, Colombia, Tunisia, South Korea)

Anytime I left a job for a new one it was seamless. I could count on the paychecks. And with international teaching, once one contract was up, I had the choice of renewing or seeking employment with a new school.

In this age where unemployment is frighteningly real, I am immensely grateful for these opportunities. I’ve learned so much from teaching and being in varied school environments around the world. Some of my dearest friendships have developed in placing myself in situations of “starting over again”. And not to mention the travel perks. We have seen a lot of the world.

I’d by lying if I said I did not have doubts about this. As friends and colleagues are lining up their next teaching contracts, Craig and I are trying not to roll up in balls and rock ourselves for comfort.

Yikes.      It’s setting in.       This is for real.

The conversations of 7+ years have brought us to this point…

where we plan, research, and plan some more…

where we look at numbers and possessions and decide need vs. want…

where we check that last box…

grasp each other’s hand…

and go for it.


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